Establishing the Golitsyn Hospital: the contribution of Professor Efrem Osipovich Mukhin (1766–1850)

Mark B Mirsky

Golitsynsky Hospital is one of the oldest Moscow clinics foundedby the Russian Aristocrat Count Golitsyn in 1802. A prominentRussian surgeon and Professor at Moscow University, Efrem Mukhinbecame the first senior medical doctor at this hospital andplayed a crucial role in its development. Six hundred and eighty-eightoperations were performed at Golitsynsky Hospital between 1802and 1807 including obstetric, gynaecological, eye and ear interventions.Mukhin performed 444 operations himself. The hospital continuedfunctioning when Napoleon’s troops occupied Moscow in September1812. The French surgeons D Larrey, Degenet and De la Fliz workedthere during this period, assisted by their Russian pupils AMigachev and V Sherbakov.